Below is a list of trusted colleagues who can provide services I am no longer providing in my retirement. I know they’ll be able to provide exceptional service and drive positive results for your organization. Click their links to contact them or learn more.

Follow Your StrengthsFollow Your Strengths
CliftonStrengths Training and Coaching · Teambuilding · Leadership and Manager Development

Traci McCausland is the founder of Follow Your Strengths and one of the first Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches in the Midwest Region. She is passionate about improving employee engagement levels within organizations and helping people play to their strengths and live their legacy. Follow Your Strengths utilizes Gallup’s CliftonStrengths (aka StrengthsFinder) assessment as the foundation for its training and coaching programs, including teambuilding sessions, manager training, and 1:1 career coaching. Traci has partnered with over 3,500 people and 50 organizations across various industries in discovering their strengths.

Holly AdamsHolly Adams Consulting
Mental Toughness · Accountability · The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ facilitator

Holly Adams is a coach and facilitator who works with individuals and organizational leaders to maximize achievement and success. She has a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and holds professional certificates in Mental Toughness and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ facilitation. She is a Human Resources professional with 20+ years of experience who brings unique and actionable solutions to the workplace. The pressure to perform at high-levels of achievement is greater than ever, and Holly brings empathy and non-judgmental insights to her clients and their teams to improve accountability, increase self-awareness, and ensure long-term growth.

James Mayhew James Mayhew
Organizational Culture Development · Coaching Emerging Leaders · Human Behavior & Communication Training

Most business leaders are aware that company culture is important; that it’s often the ‘secret sauce’ of a thriving business. Yet they struggle to build a workplace culture beyond having a ‘casual dress code and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.’ What they really want (and need) is to grow revenue, serve their customers well, improve their market share, attract and keep great people, and see their profits increase. And that’s where culture & strategy come together.Because even the best business plans are ineffective unless you have the right people doing the right things right, all moving in the right direction. To do that requires a pipeline of leaders, a commitment to excellence, and core behaviors that everyone agrees upon. James Mayhew has over a decade of experience helping small and medium sized businesses navigate organizational culture change. He is a former Chief Culture Officer for one of Iowa’s fastest growing companies and best places to work, and has worked with leaders at every level to align the talent, passion and skill within their teams.  James is the host of Lead Thru Values podcast where he and his guests discuss what it takes to create a high performance workplace.

Jennifer Zach Jennifer Zach
Coaching with Modern Learning Methodology · Somatic Awareness · People Analytics

Jennifer Zach is the founder of Zach Coaching, LLC. She is the first in her field to combine coaching, modern learning, and somatic awareness. Since 2009, Jennifer has worked with senior leaders, small business owners, and high-potential leaders who are committed to making a difference in the organizations they lead and communities where they live. Jennifer guides clients through a thought-provoking and creative process that helps them overcome challenges that prevent them from reaching their true leadership potential. With her help, clients unlock new sources of creativity and productivity and find the right path to personal and professional fulfillment.

Longview Consulting, LLC  Helena Long, of LongView Consulting, has over 35 years of experience in Training, Organization Development and Human Resources. Her emphasis has been on strategic planning, leadership development, high performing teams, supervisor training, and project management. Combined with her corporate experience at companies such as Rockwell, Kinze Manufacturing and JET Engineering, she brings her consulting experience to help organizations with the following: Define and execute the company’s direction; establish and maintain their corporate culture for engagement and retention; and develop leaders, teams and individuals to work effectively and collaboratively for successful results. Her positive attitude and humor is contagious as she demonstrates her passion to help individuals and organizations become what they envision!

Sara NicholsPerformance First Consulting
Leadership · Organization and Culture · Executive Search and Placement

Sara founded Performance First Consulting through her passion for teaching and coaching individuals and teams on how to perform at their very best. With over 16 years of experience as a Human Resources professional and executive in both Fortune 500 and private sector companies, Sara saw the organizational needs around talent solutions, culture shaping and leadership consulting that many companies have gaps in today. These gaps prevent companies from achieving their ultimate strategic vision.
With Sara’s experience she can work with companies in a variety of areas and customize a solution that will drive results. These services can include leadership development, team building, emerging leaders or items associated you’re your organization and culture needs.

Debra SalzPrevention Service & Strategies
Helping people and businesses get where they want and need to go

Debra A. Salz is an experienced Trainer, Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, and Coach with Prevention Service & Strategies, PS&S. Debra’s primary focus is helping people and organizations get where they want and need to go in a fun and thought-provoking manner. She has the uncanny ability to connect with people and presents in a motivating and light-hearted style, which provides the framework for serious and substantive issues to be truly heard and understood by the participants. She is an active collaborator who delivers customized trainings, Keynotes, break-out sessions, workshops, and seminars. A sampling of Debra’s areas of expertise includes topics such as: Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Communication Skills, Generations in the Workplace, Goal Setting, Leadership Development, Life & Career Balance, Motivation and Attitude, Organizational Culture, and Team Building. All her work is customized to your needs, so don’t let this listing put you or her in a box!

Patti SedaSeda Consulting  
Executive Coach · Succession Planning · MPO Personality and EQi2.0 Certified

At Seda Consulting we are passionate about solving your people challenges so you can focus on your clients. By taking the time to get to know you and your business, we can customize an approach that helps you achieve your goals. We specialize in executive coaching, succession planning and team communication. We also train our clients on how to use tools to improve their hiring, engagement and retention. With 25 years experience in business and certifications in personality assessments, emotional intelligence and mediation, we get to the root of the issue so individuals and teams can grow strong.
In addition, Patti is an accomplished speaker and best-selling author of Discovering Job Joy, Your Guide to Stretching Without Snapping. She is working on her second book, Successful Succession; A Proven Strategy to Improve Hiring, Engagement and Retention.

Leadership & Team Performance · Change Leadership · Executive Coaching

At Slingshot25, we know it doesn’t work to rely on processes, tools, policies, or a values poster on the wall to achieve a high performing company culture. In over 25 years of experience working inside large, complex companies, we’ve learned that leaders create your company’s culture and drive your company’s performance. Pure and simple. Our methods include helping you create a strategy for broad-scale leadership growth that will transform your culture, a leadership learning program that goes to the heart of the truth of leading others, leadership coaching that targets success-limiting habits, team performance engineering that addresses persistent dysfunction on multiple levels, and change leadership discipline that keeps defeating behaviors from undermining your transformation. If you’re ready to make this a reality for your organization, we’re ready to help. – Jackie Pelland & Courtney Smock, founders of Slingshot25