High-performing teams are essential for organizational success. People want to work with others who know how to collaborate well and bring out the best in one another. Talent attraction and retention soars! 

Everything is easier when leadership and their teams are on the same page. Strong teams ensure strategy is executed seamlessly and effectively. Teams make better, faster decisions and create innovative ways to move organizations forward, tapping into everyone’s talents and expertise. Cohesive teams, however, do not happen by accident. The guidance of an experienced, passionate coach and trainer can make all the difference.

Gale Mote is a team coach, trainer, and consultant. She creates a safe environment for team members to explore who they are individually and as a team. Providing practical techniques and skills training for real growth, Gale helps team become more cohesive and accomplish amazing results. Bringing 29 years’ experience in organizational development consulting, adult learning, and interactive training, Gale is able to transform teams into engaged learners through the use of personalized assessments, lively discussions and multi-media presentations – all techniques proven to increase retention and application. Her team sessions are creative, energizing, and get results.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Maximizing Team Performance

Working collaboratively within and across groups requires discipline and commitment. Teamwork is an essential element of high performing work cultures. Gale helps organizations create effective team structures and provides skill building for members to communicate and perform at a high level within those structures. One tool to improve group dynamics is The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™.  Click here for examples of the team services Gale provides.

“The program makes me think about how a ‘team’ affects our department and how to pull out each one of our strengths. We need to do more of this, it was awesome!” —Employee, Collins Aerospace

I would recommend Gale Mote to any company that wants to move ahead… Gale’s ability to teach to the learner is outstanding… Wonderful training… I appreciate how comfortable our team felt actively participating and being totally open in the sessions… All organizations who rely on people need this. —Midwest Industries

Gale led the Community Foundation Leadership Team through the exploration and development of the characteristics of a cohesive leadership team.  She is a skillful and insightful facilitator.  The process  transformed our work as a team, and we emerged much stronger and definitely more cohesive. —Les Garner, President and CEO

…Of the consultants I’ve worked with in the past, Gale far exceeds the others in every category. Her commitment, wisdom, drive, enthusiasm, and wit are exactly what we have needed and will continue to look forward to…” —E. Michael Farrell, Chief Operating Officer, First Security Bank and Trust, Charles City, IA