Gale Mote is a much sought after keynote and workshop leader. Below is a selection of Gale's workshops. For additional information or to hear about other workshop subjects, contact Gale at 319-895-8185 or via the Contact Us page.

Celebrate What’s Right

According to the Gallup Organization 9 out of 10 people believe that being around positive people makes them more productive. Talented people want to work in an environment that places a priority on what’s right, not wrong. In this motivational presentation, Gale will share practical tips for shining a light on what’s right and building an affirmative work environment that attracts and retains the very best.

Put the Moose on the Table

According to Harvard Business Review (October, 2005) employees in passive-aggressive organizations put more energy into thwarting plans than making them happen. A classic sign of failing is agreement without cooperation where people pretend to commit to a decision but in reality never buy into the process and/or goal. In this lively discussion, Gale will share practical tips on how to put real issues (a.k.a. the moose) on the table, engage in healthy conflict, and test for commitment. Agreeing to disagree is not an option!

The Power of One

The research on employee engagement states that people don’t quit their companies, they quit their bosses. One manager can make a big difference, positive or negative, in how well an employee performs and how long he stays with a company. Join Gale as she shares how the simple, little things make a huge difference in capturing a person’s heart and head.

Collaborating Together… Apart

Virtual teams are the norm in business today. People are expected to communicate and collaborate effectively across cubicles, buildings, states, and continents. While most people understand the need to work together effectively at a distance and feel the frustration of time zones, language barriers, and technology quirks, few have been give the practical tools and etiquette to perform their roles effectively. Join Gale for easy-to-implement ideas on how to build a strong virtual team with positive results.

Blessed are They Who are Flexible

"Blessed are they who are flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape!" Change is inevitable for all of us in our personal and professional lives. It is so easy, however, to become complacent, rigid, and "stuck in a rut!" This motivational presentation identifies sources of resistance and offers practical suggestions for "letting go, stretching ourselves, being more flexible, and moving on!"

Who Killed Motivation? The Case of the Missing Heart!

This fun and uplifting presentation deals with management’s responsibility to build an environment at work that motivates, inspires, and allows people to be the very best they can be. It discusses how to build a work place where people choose to give more, be more, and reach for the stars!

Nobody Ever Washes a Rental Car!

Many organizations aspire to become High Performance Work Organizations with highly empowered and involved team members. Very few companies succeed. This enlightening and motivational presentation clearly demonstrates how to create ownership and accountability through teamwork and employee involvement. The emphasis is on keys to successful implementation and pitfalls to avoid.

What Goes Around, Comes Around!

This presentation provides insight into the do’s and don’ts of 360-Degree Feedback or Peer Reviews. This process is vital to the success of teams and high performance. Proper use and implementation is critical to success. Participants actually get to participate in the process during this presentation.

Things They Never Told You about Teams That You Need to Know!

This presentation discusses why teams fail and what to do to prevent it from happening in your organization. Teams are not a panacea. While critical to the success of High Performance Work organizations and competitiveness in a global world, implementing effective teams is not easy. This inspiring and educational presentation teaches all of us how to be more successful working together.

Spring Cleaning! Helpful Tips and Techniques to Spruce Up Your Attitude

George Bernard Shaw said, “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” Everyone starts off in this world with a clean window. Over time, however, it gets smudged with ridicule, rejection, disappointment, tragedy, negativism, and doubt. This motivational presentation is Windex for the soul. 

Your Way, My Way and a Better Way!

This presentation highlights the four critical factors in building win/win relationships:

1. Open, Honest Communication with no Fear
2. Mutual Trust and Respect
3. Creative Problem Solving
4. Balance: Empathy for All Points of View (Listening and Feedback Tips)

Relationships are not 50/50! They are 100/100! Each must want the best for the other. Teamwork is when everyone is committed to each other’s success. This motivational workshop provides practical tips for working together, resolving conflict, and creating open communication within and among teams.

Go Ahead... Make Their Day

Using the popular video, F.I.S.H. describing the success of the Pike Fish Co. in Seattle, Washington, we will explore how to bring energy and passion to our work and lives, serving our customers like never before. Your internal and external customers will never be the same!!

1. Play!
2. Make Their Day!
3. Be There!
4. Choose Your Attitude!

Be the Pebble!

Ben Zander, Conductor for the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra says, "Throw yourself into your life like a pebble into a pond and notice the ripples." When you are a pebble, you create positive ripples in the lives of the people you care about most, at work and at home. This entertaining and inspirational presentation outlines five critical factors for smoothing out our rough edge sand polishing our habits. These include the power of choice, confidence, character, contribution, and commitment.

Get Mote-ivated!

Down in the dumps? Stuck in a rut? Running on empty?
This fun and energizing presentation will help you to re-energize and stretch yourself so you will be in better shape tomorrow! We will explore sources of stress and find fun, practical ways to take back our lives and bring back our smiles!

High Performance Work Environment

Gale Mote Associates would be happy to provide training objectives for a course designed to build skills for a High Performance Work Environment. Contact us for more information and detailed summary of the courses available.