Gale Mote


Our team was gearing up for a major change in funding and structure, so we worked Gale to take staff through the EQ-I 2.0 model. The 1:1 coaching and training sessions combined with group work helped shape our team dynamic and allowed staff to understand their roles in the organization productively and pragmatically. This training brought great clarity across the organization and improved our customer service.

This was the best leadership conference I’ve been to in 30 plus year of business. Enlightening and entertaining—will definitely use these techniques in business as well as personal life. I’ve been through many leadership/management courses; this was by far the greatest joy I have experienced in learning. Ms. Mote is a gift!
—Angus-Palm, Florence, SC

The program makes me think about how a “team” affects our department and how to pull out each one of our strengths. We need to do more of this, it was awesome! This was a great, participatory and informative program, and provided a lot of useful tools.
—Employee, Rockwell Collins

Our Approach

At Gale Mote Associates we are passionate about what we do! And what we do includes motivational presentations, customized training courses, and organizational development consulting. Let’s face it. There are hundreds and hundreds of training consultants available to you. We may or may not be the right one for your business. To help you decide, this is what we believe about training.

Training Needs to Make a Difference and Get Results.

Training is an investment, not an expense. It is an investment of time and money in the hearts and minds of your most precious asset, your people. And like any investment, you deserve to be rewarded with a positive return. We work closely with you before, during, and after training to ensure that the services we provide are a great success. The positive effects of the training should carry on long after the classes are over. We help you to understand how to make that happen!

Training is NOT Always the Answer!

This is not easy to say when you are in the training industry, but is so true. We are careful to ask the right questions before you begin to make certain training will have a positive effect. We help you define what success looks like, the behaviors required for success, and what factors may be contributing to non-performance. Perhaps the person doesn’t have the information he needs to do his job. Maybe the performance appraisal system doesn’t support the “new way.” Regardless, putting people in a training class is most likely not going to solve these problems. We believe that “mixed signals” caused by processes and systems that are not aligned with corporate values and vision contribute to most failures in training. “It sounds good in the classroom but….”

Training is a Partnership.

We will do an exceptional, world-class job in the classroom and you may experience less than stellar results unless we understand and agree that our work together is a partnership. Your organization needs to be 100% committed to practicing and supporting the principles and techniques taught in the classroom and we’ll be 100% committed to providing you with an exceptional training environment. Participating in training increases our expectations of everyone: self, peers, management. When expectations are not met, bad things happen. Gale Mote will work with you, as a partner, to design, deliver, and evaluate every training session we facilitate. We believe in win/win. There is my way, your way, and a better way: our way!

Training Begins with the End in Mind!

Before you hire anyone for training, we believe you should answer the following key questions:

  1. What are our business or departmental goals? What does success look like?
  2. What individual and team behaviors are necessary for exceptional performance? What should be happening? What do our star performers do?
  3. What is not happening? Where are the performance gaps?
  4. What are the real causes of these performance gaps?
  5. How will training help to close the performance gap? If participants learn the new skills, what else might be contributing to their inability to demonstrate the behaviors necessary for great performance?
  6. If training is the answer, what are specific goals and objectives? What do we want participants to be able to do, to know, to feel as a result of participating in training?
  7. How will we evaluate and measure success?

Training Needs to Make Sense!

How many times have you heard this, “Well, that works great in the classroom but it doesn’t apply in our business. We’re different!” At Gale Mote Associates, we take pride in our ability to customize our training classes for every client. It’s a priority and key to our success so we make the time to get to know you, your business, and your processes. Real-life examples and situations are used to discuss and practice techniques. We often have participants say, “Are you sure you don’t work here?"

We Make Training Fun!

We live in a society where the average attention span of the human adult is less than 10 minutes. We are in the “enterTRAINment” business! We believe that the adult learner is unique. Every participant has a particular learning style. Using a variety of interactive learning activities, we make the classroom come alive with high participation and energy. When people are having fun, they are more relaxed. When they are more relaxed, they are more open. When they are more open, they are able to participate and learn without any fear or anxiety. Have you ever had an employee come in from vacation on her own time to attend a training class? We’ve had it happen!

We Practice What We Preach!

Every day, we do our best to role model in our own business what we teach. We believe that the respect we have earned from our clients is because of our integrity, commitment, and passion to be a positive contribution to the organizations we serve.