Gale Mote

About Gale:


I met with Gale Mote several times in 2015 looking for some leadership coaching. I was very impressed with her overall knowledge, helpfulness and just how easy she is to work with. One of the methods we used was EQ-i 2.0. After much discussion of my test results, I walked away with a much better understanding of my emotional intelligence strengths and areas where I could improve. I think the test with the proper followup discussion is well worth the investment. Thank you Gale I am a better leader and person for having worked with you. I will always recommend you services.

• One word - WOW!
• I really needed this.
• Very inspiring.
• This lady is awesome.
• What a motivator.
• Very inspirational speaker.
• Very energetic, most excellent.
• A lot of energy.
• I wish she could have been with us longer, I really enjoyed her.
• The presentation was so enthusiastic, it really challenged and inspired me.
Coe College Spring Leadership Conference

Gale was incredible! I have never had a more dynamic instructor. I feel more energized
at 9:00 pm than I did at 8:00 am.
—MBA Student, University of Iowa


About Gale

How many times have you heard this, “Well, that works great in the classroom but it doesn’t apply in our business. We’re different!” At Gale Mote Associates, we take pride in our ability to customize our training classes for every client. It’s a priority and key to our success so we make the time to get to know you, your business, and your processes. Real-life examples and situations are used to discuss and practice techniques.

When people come to Gale’s presentations and workshops, they usually leave with one key question, “Where does she get that energy?” For 25 years, Gale has been designing and delivering motivational workshops and training classes for all types of industry and organizations. Her firm, Gale Mote Associates, specializes in high performance work cultures, team development, emotional intelligence, front-line manager training and organizational development consulting. Her sessions are creative, energizing, participant-centered and get results! Prior to starting her own company in 1990, Gale worked for various manufacturing enterprises including Del Monte, Square D Corporation, Quaker Oats, and Norand Corporation.

In 2014, Gale received one of only four President and Provost Awards for Teaching Excellence from the University of Iowa. Gale has been twice honored by the YWCA Tribute to Women of Achievement. In 2005, she was awarded the Advanced Entrepreneur Award from Women Entrepreneurs in Cedar Rapids, IA. Gale is a four time award winner for the Best of Cedar Rapids Award in the Industrial & Labor Consulting Services category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

Gale is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP®) by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and is also an ATD Master Performance Consultant™. In addition, Gale is a Certified Coach and Facilitator for EQ-i 2.0®, a psychometric assessment which measures emotional intelligence and how it can impact people and the workplace. Gale is also an Authorized Partner with Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ and is an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner. Everything DiSC is a transformational tool to help you understand yourself and others to have more effective relationships. She is a graduate of Coe College with multiple degrees in Business, Economics, and Education. Gale holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Iowa where she is an Adjunct Lecturer in the Tippie College of Business Professional MBA Program.

On a personal note, Gale is married to the man of her dreams, loves animals (especially cats and horses), college sports (Go Hawks!), NASCAR, fishing, walking nature trails and laughing out loud! She has a passion for life and is committed to leave this world making a positive difference wherever and however she can!

Our Core Values:

Demonstrate Passion and Energy in everything you do!
Have Fun!
Never Cease to be the Best you can be!
Be a Contribution! Make a Difference!

What We Believe:

It’s 90% a People Business!
Attitude is Everything! (Ok…90%!)
Relationships are not 50/50! They are 100/100!
No one ever washes a rental car!
Think Win/Win!
DYOB! (Drive Your Own Bus)
Nothing great was ever achieved without passion and enthusiasm.
No Pressure! No Diamonds!
Never, Never, Quit!
Enjoy life…this is not a dress rehearsal!
Winning is Giving! The more you give, the more you receive.
Make it a joy for people to be around you!
Blessed are they who are flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape!

Your Partner in Results-Driven Training

Training is an investment into the hearts and minds of your most valuable asset, your people. To ensure outstanding results, we work closely with you throughout the training process and show you how to perpetuate positive effects long after our classes conclude. Studies show that the level of corporate commitment directly impacts the effectiveness of employee training. To fully benefit from Gale Mote Associates’ renowned training, your participation and practice of the success-building principles are essential.